What Are the Benefits of Having an Android App for Your Business?

The world has come to a situation that no one can complete their day without looking at their mobile phones. Mobile phones have become part of everyone's life. Reports say that a person using a smartphone spends almost 6 hours using the internet every day. When android platforms are the foundation stone for this, Android app development is one of the most discussed business topics in the present marketing world. It is to get noted that the Android OS is dominating the mobile app development market with 86% of the share. Business organizations must view this as an opportunity to enhance their business reputation and revenue generation. A mobile application can provide a business entrepreneur numberless benefits like becoming a channel to more consumers, making a strategy to develop a better mobile application is unavoidable.

Let us discuss what benefits that Android mobile app development can bring to your business.

Low Cost, High ROI

The easy availability of the software development kit (SDK) is one of the most attractive factors of Android app development. The development team is only required to pay a one-time registration fee to get the rights to use the SDK and application distribution. At such a reduced cost, we can leverage any devices to build or test the app that gets designed for the specific need for your business organization. Android app development services can ensure you a cost-effective service with low investment and customized outputs. Also, developing an interactive app that communicates more effectively with the consumers can help you achieve a better ROI. As per the expert opinions, an android app can help you grow your business up to 67% in just 90 to 180 days. Especially after the pandemic, the usage of the internet and digital platforms has increased a lot. Reports say that there has seen a rise from 40% to 100% in internet usage among adults during the pandemic period. Since mobile phones provide the platform for such an enormous internet usage, Android app development services have a lot of relevance today.

A Better TTM (Time to Market)

The increased usage of digital media and mobile networks has also increased business competition. It has raised a situation that if you wish to introduce a mobile app for your business, it must come to the market as soon as possible since it is essential to get a competitive edge over your competitors. An Android app development company can help you achieve this by ensuring a quicker turnaround time. The facilities for easier integration and the ability to design the desired features easily are the factors that make this easy. Also, if you want to change or update the current app, it is simple to modify it. Outsourcing agencies can provide you the service of skilled professionals in the area of Android app development. They help to develop customized apps according to your specific business requirements.

Scope of Innovations

Android platform has spread across the entire world. It allows you to reach up to a wide variety of consumers with the technological innovations that boost up your business. With modern technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and many more, the Android app development services can help you reach the most updated business opportunities. The various cutting-edge tools of Android allow you to have unlimited features that will eventually help implement updated technological innovations. It connects your users more towards the app and ensures a better user experience. The more you use technological innovations to your Android app, the more it can attract consumers and enhance the user experience. Also, automated techniques can reduce error factors minimizing human efforts. Outsourcing companies that focus on Android application development are trained to bring such innovations to your required apps.

Techniques of BYOD

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is widespread across every business sector, as it enhances communication and collaboration in the workplace irrespective of distance and time. Since Android apps are getting used by users with various economic backgrounds, it is affordable and suitable for various types of users. It allows a better penetration among them no matter which device they are getting used to. Wearable technology is also emerging as the best option that attracts business entrepreneurs as many electronic devices can get controlled or communicated with Android apps. It is considered a better communication tool that provides a better consumer experience. Smartwatch notifications have become common as they can have the facilities to get managed by Android mobile apps. Statistics have revealed that over 54 percent of enterprises have implemented BYOW (Bring Your Own Wearable) policy and it' popularity is still increasing. Android app development services can help you integrate wearable technology into your existing business system to help attract more consumers.

Android app

Enhanced Security and Easy Marketing

It is hard for malware to locate the data structure when we use Android platforms. It is one of the reasons that business organizations prefer Android mobile apps to implement in their business structure. As we have already mentioned, using updated techniques like artificial intelligence helps send periodic notifications to the users and keep them updated, the chance to be unaware of any slight change that occurred to the system is considerably less. It is rich with plenty of security options that make confidential user information intact. Android app development can also provide you promotional benefits since you can effectively promote the app you have created for your business. It can bring benefits not only to the app users but to other consumers using different OSs. It means that the best Android app development services can ensure you both security assurances and promotional benefits at a considerably lesser rate.

Target Multiple Platforms

Android operating systems use Java as their programming language, and it helps to port the app to multiple operating systems. In addition to windows, it is suitable for Symbian and Ubuntu, both have their own features and consumer base. It is one of the many reasons why businesses choose Android development to grow their business. It is helpful to focus on specific target groups by taking advantage of time and resources. Google also made Kotlin an official language for Android development that can be viewed as its ability to target different types of consumers using multiple platforms. Kotlin Multiperform is suitable for running applications on iOS and Java desktops along with Android. It is widely used for many industrial superpowers as Uber, Pinterest, Atlassian, and so on to deal with Android apps. Thus, its ability to target multiple platforms is considered the most attractive benefit of the Android app.


Google Play has over 3.3 million apps today, and the number is increasing further. The increased usage of mobile applications for financial transactions is a fact. It has created a situation that every company must compete with each other to have a better online presence. It means no business entrepreneur can move forward without considering the benefits of Android mobile app development.

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