4 Tips for Measuring Email Marketing services is a success or not

Emails are the best ways to reach targeted consumer groups. After the internet revolution, emails have become more popularized, and email marketing services gained great relevancy than traditional marketing techniques. As one of the simplest and most attractive digital marketing techniques that enhances personalization, an email marketing campaign is easier to track and verify its effect on business.

email marketing services

Here we give you four tips that help measure the success of your email campaign.

1. Deliverability and Open Rates

When conducting an email marketing campaign, companies must ensure that the emails they send are reaching their target group of consumers. So, the deliverability of emails becomes the primary metric of email marketing. Best email marketing services will help you maintain a higher deliverability rate. At the same time, the open rate stands for the number of people in the percentage who open your emails. A fewer open-rate indicates that the email campaign is not very relevant to the consumer group we focus on. It suggests you change the marketing strategy for making them open your emails. It will improve your interaction with consumers too. Without that, you will fail to analyze how they react to the specific email marketing campaign. In general, the average open rate is 20-40% for an email drip campaign, and email marketing services ensure this to achieve.

2. Click-through Rates

Compared with open rates, click-through rates (CTT) help measures the value of the email drip campaign. Among those viewers who opened the emails, CTT indicates how many people clicked on the link in your email. It gives precise detail of the consumers interested in the products or services you offer. So, tracking and continuously interacting with them with various marketing techniques will likely convert them into actual customers in the future. For increasing the number of clicks on the link, the marketing campaign must have an attractive call to action, for which the assistance of email marketing services finds most beneficial. In addition, you can monitor the specific products or services that get more CTT. It will provide information on the preferences of the target audience.

3. Conversion Rate and Bounce Rate

Conversion rates will tell you about the financial success of email marketing services. With the best website analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of the email drip campaign, you get the details of consumers who reached the end of the conversion path. You can analyze how many visitors have entered your business websites from the email and made the purchase. By measuring conversion rates, we get details of direct purchases and delayed purchases. On the other hand, bounce rates indicate that how many emails have failed to reach the desired destinations and come back. It can happen when the client's inbox is full, and that is called a soft bounce. It can also happen when the email address is incorrect, then the email messages will come back, and it is called a hard bounce. Email marketing services will have effective tools to maintain a minimum bounce rate.

4. Unsubscribe Rate and Abuse Reports

Unsubscribe rates will tell you how the clients are satisfied with the drip marketing campaign and the content we use for it. Typically, the unsubscribe rate is 2%, and email marketing services pay great attention to keep minimum. So, to maintain this, sending emails in regular intervals will help make them remember you. On the other hand, an abuse report is when the subscriber marks your email as spam. Since reporting spam is easier than opening the mail and unsubscribing, the abuse report rate can be higher than unsubscribe rate. With a spam report, the client can stop you from sending emails to them. This means the abuse report rate will affect the reach of your email drip campaign. So, you need to track the abuse reports when conducting EDM marketing campaigns.


You can use the EDM marketing campaign for enforcing direct sales. Also, you can use it to improve customer interactions at the same time. But for both cases, you must keep track of your email drip marketing campaigns for continuously verifying the ROI. Since revenue generation is the backbone of every business and every marketing campaign, keeping track of it and ensuring that it goes in the right direction has prime importance in business. With years of experience in digital marketing that include EDM marketing, Hash Engines can assist you to develop creative email marketing campaigns and ensure their success. To know how we perform and what benefits it can bring, reach us at info@hashengines.com