7 Branding Tips to Boost Your Business During the Corona Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis is peaking and brands have taken a major hit as lockdown/quarantine restrictions refrain customers from visiting physical stores along with the halted logistics. All sales and manufacturing have plummeted without any branding expertise, leaving businesses running out of stock.
The one domain of experts still hard-pressed with these issues are digital marketers who are to devise branding solutions or strategies to surf along this public health crisis wave. It’s like the two sides of a coin, as some companies have a high demand for their products, and while other companies are struggling due to lack of sales.

So it’s all about revamping brand marketing efforts with the help of a branding company or branding agency. And here are seven branding tips to overcome marketing shortfalls in this crisis.

1. Launch a Customer Support Strategy
This is an uncertain time to deploy a hard sell strategy that has a definite backfire. Consider rethinking this to a strategy that is supportive to customers and it doesn’t have to be extreme. You can offer financial support or donations, or offering your services or products to people in need. While this a good thing to do, it will positively impact your PR as well.

2. Precise Audience Targeting
The coronavirus pandemic is surely the hot topic which is in the back of everyone’s mind – they talk about it, are learning more about it, and are buying online products for protection. By using artificial intelligence-based (AI) tools, you can establish a closer relationship with your customers. How? By precisely targeting and segmenting the right customers, using relevant keywords, and delivering content related to coronavirus. You can also do this with the help of a branding expert such as a branding company or branding agency, who provides cost-effective and highly efficient branding solutions.

3. Amplify Your Online Platform Presence
With lockdowns and quarantines still in effect, people are confined to their smart gadgets, esp. smartphones. You could take advantage of this by amplifying your app or other platform presence, by launching new content (even, apps, games, videos, etc.) that engages your users.

4. Contextual, Sensible, and Appropriate Ad-Targeting
This time means that you have to be extremely careful with ad-targeting. Your content should be contextual, sensible, and appropriate as per the resurging regulations of this time. The right context, and as to where you should place your ads will not create a negative brand impression or damage your reputation. This can also be done AI techniques such as natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning, that can analyze data for gaining a better content insight for it to be brand-safe and relevant among your audience.

5. Multichannel Communication is Key
Surely, you might face high product/service demands, delay with logistics delays, or stockouts due to closure of manufacturing units, always, keep your customers informed about their order’s progress. It can be about estimated delivery times, why there are delays, or when they can expect their products/services. This shows you are concerned for your customers and reduces their frustration levels, which will prevent
them from looking for an alternate provider. Be sure to respond to customer queries, complaints, promptly, and make sure you utilize multichannel communication systems (website, email, social, push notifications, or in-app messaging). This will surely bring your brand closer to consumers for establishing a good relationship with them.

6. Target and Retain Your Premium Customers
Low or inventory stock-outs, manufacturing, and logistics delays are the main hassle of this time for brands making it hard with product deliveries.

So target your premium or existing customers and retain them with the best efforts, instead of acquiring new ones. With the best help of a branding expert, you can achieve this and maintain the focus to nurture them having the highest lifetime value. They are here to stay and are likely to spend beyond this pandemic.

Or better, you can choose proficient branding solutions that leverage deep learning techniques for precise analysis to identify your high-value customers, more ffectively. Gain these valuable customer insights for specifically engaging your campaigns with them.


7. Ensure Your Content is Creative and Relevant
While incorporating your marketing, campaign, or ad content with the relevant keywords or visuals related to the crisis will help you draw attention to customers. And at the same, you have to be careful to ensure that they are highly appropriate.

No discrimination related to products or in any other related way. Have a potential product that can help people during this crisis? Get your message about and the product out there, quickly.

Incorporate campaigns with thoughtful and valuable content or messages.

These are the 7 branding tips that will foster your business during the current coronavirus pandemic. With these tips, you can show good support to your customers, with healthy communication, as you adjust your marketing strategies. It will give you an edge to keep your brand safe during this crisis period.