How has the Coronavirus Crisis Impacted the Digital Marketing Industry?

The Coronavirus crisis made a major impact on digital marketing rendering many traditional marketing methods useless. The leveraging of a huge number of digital marketing channels is now adopted by any digital marketing company.

The global population is hunkered down at home causing a major shift in consumer behavior, due to the spiking levels in web usage. Website traffic has increased significantly making digital marketers remold their digital marketing plans.

Of all the platforms being used, social media is the most widely used so people could keep in touch with their loved ones, or connect with the outside world. The virtual space is spiking with user engagement and this opportunity is being carefully utilized by digital marketers.

As part of their digital marketing strategies, companies are revamping or creating new websites, launch new e-commerce channels, and create highly engaging social media campaigns. Their entire focus is on people working from home, by using influencers and SEO for a far greater reach, which has been the same with digital marketing in India.

Even businesses entirely new to this domain are reallocating their resource and marketing budgets to embrace this digital revolution. The plethora of digital marketing tips and channels available today can get anyone with instantaneous and exceptional results.

The most important digital marketing plans or channels massively being used nowadays:

  • Paid search: This Google-based digital marketing approach is seeing a spike in bidding on relevant keywords used by users in their search query. With the easy result prediction and budget scaling options (high or low) that would fit the budget of anyone, it’s becoming more effective in this crisis time.
  • SEO (Searching Engine Optimization) & Content marketing: Businesses have been striving to increase their visibility through digital marketing strategies such as by performing SEO with effective content marketing. They are deploying clearly defined, valuable, and informative blog posts or content. This will create a long-term impact post the Coronavirus pandemic with the right audience.
  • Social media: The main network or destination where people are mostly involved during the pandemic. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have been engaging their customers by pushing out content mean to keep their spirits up. The consumer data from these has been majorly helpful for the eCommerce industry.
  • Webinars and Podcasts: Webinars are the only viable live events that can be conducted by businesses due to its virtual and face-to-face customer engagement using informative content. Podcasts are also another used by businesses to engage customers in lockdown with their niche content, along with advertisements.
  • Email: Still the most effective digital marketing channel helping to reach existing customer base, with personalized campaigns. The new content will be informative, relating to the pandemic, special promotions, or any other engaging content.
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The digital marketing strategies implemented according to the coronavirus crisis regardless of the channels are adjusted by taking into account people’s circumstances.

  • All digital marketing companies now avoid humor or the casual approach within their content or in its tone. This will not offend consumers who are deeply hit by the pandemic. Majorly it now incorporates positive, helpful, and inspirational content.
  • A huge focus on providing value to the community is exercised that will help in spreading a positive and favorable role among people.
  • Product/service delivery statuses are now given promptly and honestly, as the economy is entirely down. Every customer’s concern in this is handled carefully with proper updates as per the current situation.
  • Consistent message delivery across multiple channels (website, mobile app, social media) with a new brand strategy and voice providing interaction with your customers.
  • Delivery of relevant, timely content that addresses and resolves immediate and long-term customer concerns

The year 2020 has caused a major shift in the face of digital marketing companies and their digital marketing strategies. Traditional marketing channels are becoming ineffective in the current scenario. Companies focusing on digital marketing in India have also invested in new and long-term digital marketing plans. And by making the above changes, it is sure to have long-term business benefits.