Future of Digital Marketing Services in India For 2020

Did you realize that the digital era has been taking the world by storm? If not yet, it’s time to wake up! The concept of digital marketing services has been successfully aiding the startups and MNC’s to accomplish the desired long-term goals.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, also known as internet marketing services, is the contemporary marketing strategy wherein your business products are promoted online. This will enable the customers to reach out for your product or service with ease.

Digital Marketing in India

2020 will be the era when India will be witnessing an extensive transformation from tradition marketing style to the digital marketing concept.

As per the new survey and study reports, it has been stated that the digital marketing companies in India are growing by an approximate of 34% and its value will be incomparably exceeded by the end of 2020.

Market analysts believe that India is one of the rapidly growing digital marketing approached countries and the sector will be producing lakhs of job opportunities by the end of this leap year. The concept of digitization has been ruling the business organizations across the world in recent times.

Digital India

‘Digital India’ is one of the persuasive concepts in India at the moment. India homes around 400 million internet users and an approximate of 1.15 billion mobile phone users.

From small-scale startups to large corporations or other businesses,a majority of them are seeking the advanced and latest digitalmarketing trends. This is opted for maximizing sales, leadconversions, and business expansion at an affordable budget.

This extensive digital marketing process will bring about a wider and well-recognized transformation amid various business sectors in India. And hence, the concept of digital marketing services have gained prominence in connecting, socializing, and promoting your business on the web.


Let’s see what would be the future of digital marketing in India for 2020!

  • Influencer Marketing: Digital marketing in India has paved the way for enhanced influencer marketing strategies. The process basically uses social media accounts for promoting goods and services. Such an advertisement can either be expressive or intrinsic. 2020 will be the year of influencer marketing as it gaining significance for being an incessant strategy. Building the relationship with the influencer can be done by finding opportunities through varied social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. These influencers will have a consistent and enhanced social media followers who are widely recognized as experts amid their social circle.
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI, also known as artificial intelligence, is spreading as a vital component of digital marketing, in recent times. When it comes to the digital marketing prosper in India, AI is executing a dedicated meta-analysis of multiple and varied data sets. The data, later on, helps a business to develop its own effective decisions. The concept of artificial intelligence produces an accurate result and develop enhanced and better user experience.
  • Robust Digital Assistants: The upcoming era of digital marketing in India will be encountering with the assistants such as Google or Alexa, wherein, they will help the users to stay connected with each other. These assistants will provide complete support in day-to-day business operations. And the analysts believe that there will be a hike of these assistants by the end of 2020. These AI-based assistants will be excelling in areas of customized services and voice recognition.
  • Alterations in Social Media: Previously, social media was widely used for making robust connections with friends and family. But, now, the purpose has gone beyond. Digital marketing has enabled business organizations to make the best use of social media platforms for promoting their business, service, and products. It will lead to the strengthening of the customer base. On the contrary, there has been a decline in the popularity of blogs and websites. The digital marketing trends will be optimizing the employment opportunities and will ensure to keep up with the ongoing changes of 2020.
  • Enhanced Ads: The digital marketing is largely dependent on the display ads and it will be one of the popular digital marketing trends witnessed in 2020. The budget spent on these display ads (for boosting communication) enhances the customer experience to a large extent. Digital marketing will involve the process of making these display ads more personalized and interactive. Also, it is believed that investment in social ads will be enhanced by 2021.
  • Reviews of Customers: The customer reviews play a huge role in the business as it helps to improve sales. Over here, the digital marketing service will be crucial in developing advertising and other marketing tactics. The main purpose of the expansion of digital marketing strategies is for the wider benefit of the users. It is essential to consider the opinions and recommendations of the users. In this era of digitization, the customer is considered to be the king, whereas, the digital marketing experts occupy the ministerial positions.
  • Video and Content Customization: No matter how much progress is involved in the digital marketing concept, the aspect of creating content is always important. Digital marketing tactics involve the creation of fresh and reliable content. Customization of the content is highly crucial. If the content has the power to make the customers relate the wordings with themselves or their business, it will pave a path to drive in more traffic. Next comes the video, which is a significant element. Digital marketing aims in involving more videos being added to the Instagram stories, etc. for enhancing the traffic.
  • Voice Search: A majority of the customers or users abroad use voice search, at least once in a day. Voice search is one of the rapidly growing segment and with the involvement of digital marketing assistance, the mobile or laptop users can make the finest use of voice search. With the advancement of technology, people are more inclined towards features such as voice search rather than typing out the message or information.
  • A Talk With Robots: With the aid of the artificial intelligence concept, digital marketing will be bringing out the scheme of ‘chatbots’ in the year of 2020. This will facilitate the users to communicate in-depth regarding the products or services offered by a business on their websites. Apart from maximizing the sales, these chatbots will create a powerful relation between a retailer and consumer.

Digital marketing has become a prominent service required by a majority of the firms and thereon, there has been extensive development of online marketing agencies in India. Digital marketing has emerged to be an umbrella term that covers all the concepts including internet marketing, Google digital marketing, PPC management,content development for online portals, social media monitoring and management, and so on.

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