SEO Metrics You Should Start Tracking Right Away

Though SEO (search engine optimization) is a vital part of the digital marketing services, it is not possible to always depend upon the search engines for tracking the progress. At times, the search engines consume around a week or month to update the SERP’s (search engine results page). 

Determining the rank of a website is not the only way to measure success. Keyword integration has a significant role in driving desirable traffic to your website. Hiring a top SEO agency can help you to track and measure the various SEO metrics, thereby, enabling you to accomplish qualified leads. SEO services are all about maximizing the bouncing rate. 

We’ll now discuss ways to kick start your SEO metrics!

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate will give you an idea about how many visitors bounced away from your website after viewing a single page. It measures the percentage of visitors. If you come across your website have a higher bounce rate, it implies that the website requires certain changes that would make the visitors stay on the web pages for a longer time. A successful SEO company will help you to audit the bounce rate via landing pages. It will help you to observe the landing pages that would turn away your visitors, thereby, keeping back only the relevant landing page. If you come across a landing page with a higher bounce rate, it means that the content of that specific page doesn’t meet the keyword requirements. But, at times, the customer might also leave the page instantly as they might have found the needed information quickly. Hence, you need to be careful while working on the bounce rate and this can be pretty easily possible with the help of a professional SEO company

Organic Conversions

Wait, before you be contended with organic traffic, ensure the quality of these incoming traffic. At times, you might receive the traffic from irrelevant sources that might not transform into actual lead or sales. In order to keep a track of the traffic quality, you need to constantly monitor the organic conversions. Initially, you need to fix up your business goal in Google analytics. The goals that need to be tracked can include phone calls, form submission, etc. Once you are aware of the goals, you can easily keep an eye on Google analytics. You need to understand that from signing up an email to account creation, all these factors can have a direct impact on the conversion rate.


Ranking of Certain Keywords

It is important to carefully choose the right set of keywords for your website content. To drive in significant traffic to your business website, it is essential to understand and satisfy the needs of your visitors. Hiring a top SEO agency will help your business to identify the best keywords and they will also monitor the keyword ranking constantly. The consistent tracking of the keywords including the long-tail ones will help you in determining if the resources are well-utilized. All you need to do is visit Google Analytics, followed by acquisitions, search console, and queries. You can set a specified date to obtain the maximum data and thereon, it will display the highest traffic that is obtained via these keywords. The digital marketing service provides usually has a variety of tools to identify and measure keyword performance. 

Mobile Traffic 

Recent studies have revealed that nearly 80% of online users perform a web search with the help of a mobile device. To attract a large set of audience, it is important to make your website responsive. A responsive website will have a speedier loading time and increased engagement attributes including video content, appealing layouts, striking features, and so on. If you have these elements aligned perfectly, it will be easier for you to make a thorough search via a mobile device. Hiring a professionally consummate website development company will ease the process of monitoring the statistics accomplished through mobile devices. Such a constant check will enhance your mobile SEO strategies. 

Crawl Errors

Google needs to read a website before it gets ranked. If your website has broken links or missing web pages, it implies that Google has a huge difficulty in ranking the website, thereby, you’ll have to encounter the crawl errors. In case, Google doesn’t find all of your web pages, it won’t be able to rank them. It is important for you to keep a constant check on the overall website crawl errors, thereby, enabling you to improve the readability of the site. Detecting and eliminating such crawl errors on-time will enable Google to rank the pages quickly. 

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