7 Tips for Facebook Marketing to Increase your e-commerse sales

Have you ever applied a Facebook marketing strategy for your e-commerce sales? Yet not, then here we provide some of the top tips used by a Facebook advertising agency that could boost up your e-commerce sales through Facebook marketing.

Nowadays, in most of the businesses, Facebook marketing is becoming common. Facebook is one of the social media that consists of many active users. So, it is a better place to promote the products and boost up the sales. A current updation in the Facebook algorithms has reduced the business content on the user newsfeed. So, to overcome this issue, the below tips used by a Facebook advertising agency would be helpful.

7 Tips for Facebook Marketing to Increase your e-commerse sales

1. Identifying the target audience
If you are going to perform a Facebook marketing strategy on the products or services, first you must know who wants or needs it. Determining the factors like job, location, age, and how your product or service is essential. The Facebook Audience Insights tool helps in finding your potential customers and allows you to get the necessary information about them. With the proper identification of the audience, better movement of sales could occur.

2. Creating a business page on Facebook
Through Facebook marketing services, you could create a business page on Facebook which is easy to be accomplished and are inexpensive. Just sign up and create one and choose the business types. The only need is to fill up the details of your company, include logo, profile picture, and cover photo. Also, for customers to contact you via Facebook Messenger, create a username . Then start posting your product or service information for facebook digital marketing to the right audience and increase sales.

3.  Include attractive images of your product
Visual content is processed faster than the text. Use professional photography to make your images attractive. By attractive images, more customers could understand the content being delivered and it could increase the purchasing behavior of them. Also, better photo sizing is another matter to be considered in facebook marketing strategy. Choose sizing that is appealing on Facebook.

Facebook Marketing

4.  Uploading product videos
To achieve the right attention to your Facebook digital marketing efforts, uploading the product-type videos is necessary. If you could not create one, make use of Facebook Live. Product videos help to understand the use of the products for different applications and allow every customer to have an appealing view of it.  Thereby increasing the chances of purchase and hence boosting up the e-commerce sales.

5. Make announcements and promote products
Interact with your target audience by making announcements like discounts or offers related to your product. This tip is widely used by the Facebook advertising agency. Discounts and offers to the right products would bring out more customers to reach the stage of purchase. Also, promoting your products only take a few seconds. Just you have to create and upload the messages with attractive images. Showcasing your products would increase the customer interest upon you and hence boost the sales.

6. Make use of Facebook for selling your products
Through Facebook marketing services, you could open up an e-commerce store by directly selling products on Facebook. This is one of the best approach in facebook digital marketing. Just include a shop on your Facebook business page and allow customers to purchase the products directly. Shipping and payment options are available which the customers could make use of. Also, you could use third-party platforms so that the products of the third-party platform could also be displayed on your page.

7. Engaging with customers
There may be situations where customers post the content on social media, and you need to share those contents with your audience. A Facebook ad agency make use of this method, as it is creating an opportunity to engage with the customers. Also, you could increase your brand identity, by sharing customer reviews about your products with others.

Last but not least, choose a Facebook ad agency that makes use of these tips to bring a better marketing approach. Hash engines is one of the SEO agency and digital marketing company that provides online Internet services. To handle your projects mail us at, info@hashengines.com