Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2021

As with any mobile app development company specializing in various sectors, the hope towards the year 2021 is bright and extremely futuristic. One reason why it’s truly looked forward by top app development companies is to nail the market while it’s still young. Without a doubt, the year will be powered by technological marvels of all kinds - even in development.

So it’s possible to see all kinds of developments in full-swing and at the pinnacle of technology – yet. Especially applicable with hybrid mobile app, and cross platform mobile development, the future of 2021 is promising, no matter what. The hype is real without any backing out of it as the technologies are marvelous due to smart devices getting even ‘smarter’ than they are.

Although there are challenges to be sorted out along the way, it’s not too much of a hassle for every mobile application development company or iOS, android app development company out there. They have fixed minds, and are full-on in making the dream come true even though there has been a series of drains that came with 2020 – and we don’t even want to talk about it.

Let’s flip over the book of 2021 mobile app development trends that every company is eagerly trying to implement in their ventures.

Subscription-based Services
Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more are examples of such services having unprecedented industry traction. A new type of subscription-based services methodology is now being adopted by top app development companies, called Cloud gaming.

This breaks the constant hassle of upgrading or buying new gaming hardware to play high-end games. Google’s Stadia, Apple’s Arcade, NVIDIA’s GeForce Now, Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming are some examples where gaming titles will be pushed into the smartphone realm as well. This cloud-based gaming tech utilizes hybrid mobile app and cross platform mobile development and is the future of the gaming industry where 5G tech will power it for having extreme data transfer speeds.
The hospitality sector is also aiming for these subscription-based services to motivate and facilitate cheaper travel for people.

5G Technology
The extremely fast, low-latency mobile network to date yet to launch in a full-fledged manner. Newer smartphones are already equipped with 5G network chips way ahead even though it has to be implemented. It offers tenfold data transfer speeds than 4G, which is a boon to every mobile app development company and is even capable of pushing the speeds to extremes. 4K streaming, IoT, smart wearables, autonomous vehicles, and more wouldn’t have much trouble with 5G, and there’s speculation that it might offer implausible battery efficiency levels to all kinds of smart devices.

Mobile eCommerce – that’s m-commerce – which catapulted beyond our beliefs during the pandemic. It has been entirely responsible for altering our shopping behavior towards e-commerce - forever. Every iOS, or android app development company saw a huge demand for mCommerce apps to be developed for businesses who previously relied on offline retail models. And businesses that never adopted this had massive revenue drops or had to shut down. But they could bounce back with the help of a mobile app development company help. These apps range from financial, retail, and after-sales, mobile marketing, mobile ticketing, hospitality, healthcare and medicine, and more.

Mobile App Development

Event Streaming
The pandemic is the sole reason why offline events were crushed to the core. As a result, every global mobile app development company is developing an online event streaming tech to conduct all sorts of events as a solution to the pandemic hassles. These online venues help conduct virtual events or even virtual music concerts. It’s a highly advanced technology that facilitates real-time digital interaction using virtual/augmented reality setups.

Edge Computing
This tech brings the computational and data storage aspects closer to the devices using it. Low latency, exceptional performance, and speed are what it offers in near real-time. Although it took shape with the IoT revolution and is here to stay for a long time.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Every mobile app development company receives client requirements to tailor healthcare apps with the integration of IoT devices as well, reducing in-person doctor visits. The technology serves several purposes – such as powering smart wearables, smart speakers, smart homes, smart cities, smart transport, and more where everything can be made functional through the standalone app for the same with the added benefit of 5G.

Cloud-native applications or software are coded in a way that it needs no separate server for the app or software being hosted. AWS, Google Cloud, Azure are some of the giants offering Cloud-native solutions. Combined with 5G, IoT, and edge-computing Cloud-native apps will facilitate cost-effectiveness, enhanced serverless to promote scalability.
These are the top mobile app development trends of 2021 A multitude of this novel, innovative solutions will surely boost an organization’s efficiency during the pandemic with enhanced technological evolution and competence.