3 Types of eCommerce Website and its Advantages

eCommerce is one of the trending business industries across the existing global marketplace. With the rise in online shopping portals and user-engagements, eCommerce websites have turned out to be the biggest asset of this industrial sphere. The eCommerce business is established to accomplish online success and win the hearts of their target audiences via excellent services. 

To integrate the eCommerce applications, one must focus on the end-to-end proven solutions associated with website design, eCommerce consulting and strategy, website development, internet marketing, and many more. Amid the enlarging market competition, the eCommerce development companies will enhance your online visibility through extraordinary content, SEO tactics, image quality, and data insights. 

The Top 3 Kinds of eCommerce

Business to Business (B2B) – The B2B eCommerce includes all sorts of digital transactions involving the exchange of goods/services between organizations. The different kinds of B2B eCommerce businesses include wholesale, business-to-business-to-consumers, distributors, and manufacturers. The B2B eCommerce business usually focuses on excellent communication, enhanced user experience, creative brand story, and mobile optimization. 


  1. Efficient management of supplies
  2. Reaching out directly to the customers
  3. Successfully integrating and automating major processes
  4. Simple navigation and optimized customer experience
  5. Better business sales and analytics 

Business to Consumer (B2C) – B2C eCommerce business involves the exchange of products (especially electronic items) between an organization and its final customers. B2C is considered to be simpler and highly dynamic. B2C has accomplished success in recent times, owing to the rise of web technologies and virtual stores on the internet. These stores engage in selling consumer products, including books, shoes, computers, and so on. When compared to the traditional B2C strategy, the electronic version offers the best eCommerce benefits, You can access a bulk of informative content that will guide you to purchase a product. 

 eCommerce websites


  1. Excellent customer service
  2. Expanding your business growth effectively
  3. Leading to the emergence of Niche marketing
  4. Better administration of the eCommerce business
  5. Highly cost-effective

Consumer to Consumer (C2C) – The C2C eCommerce business covers the transactions of goods/service exchange among the consumers. Mostly, such transactions are performed via a third-party, which provides a digital platform to carry out the transactions. It has been noted that C2C eCommerce businesses face a higher market competition when compared to the other business models. 


  1. Boosting the customer base
  2. Maximized profitability
  3. Enhancing the business credibility

Benefits of Having eCommerce Business!

  • Helping you in reaching out to a larger target audience set 
  • Does not require a larger financial investment 
  • The presence of eCommerce websites will develop a unique brand identity
  • Helping you to sell the business products or services internationally, with a wide range of global choices
  • Gaining new customers or turning potential customers into actual buyers with a finely defined search engine visibility
  • Involves lower cost when compared to the traditional norms of selling the products or services
  • Helping the customers to locate a product instantly on the eCommerce website without wasting their valuable time
  • Eliminating the time and cost involved in traveling to the physical stores or shops to make a purchase
  • eCommerce advantage includes the user to experience the joy of gaining a discount or coupon on the online shopping
  • Rendering an abundant of information regarding the product details, such as specifications, price, and so on
  • Endows you with the advantage of shopping at any time and from anywhere
  • One of the effective ways to re-target a customer or re-targeting the complete global market
  • Easy and continuous processing of the bulk of orders

So, the above-listed are a few of the foremost benefits of running an eCommerce business


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